Bruno Greco


Bruno Greco was born in Varese (Italy) in 1951 and from his childhood distinguished himself at first for the natural endowments in freehand drawing and then in painting. He took a degree in Engineering, but never forgot his passion , showed in the juvenile works(1969-1977).
He devoted many years to family and industrial work, then he started again with enthusiasm the artistic activity with several collective and one-man shows in all Italy and in the world ( Montecarlo, Londra, Parigi, Hangzhou, New York, Atene, Brugges, Barcellona, San Josè, Locarno, Bruxelles, Berlin, Stuttgart, Hong Kong, Moscow, Saint Peterburg, Miami), introduced by important criticians.

Figurative painter in the oil technic ( with sign B.Greco), since 2007 he has also introduced  abstract and figurative works in acrylic or acrylic/materials, inspired to the inner interpretations of the emotions .

These works are signed "brown777 B.G.".




Pittore figurativo,

 paesaggista ed astrattista


Landscape, figurative and

abstractionist painter


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